Pepito's Mexican Restaurant

“I am very happy with the results Jessica has produced for my business. I tried many different techniques and with her help found a niche that drives more customers through my doors. I would definitely recommend her to any type of business that needs help getting exposure and increased sales."

-Eduardo Pintos 

Pepito's Mexican Restaurant Owner

“NV Media delivered everything they promised. I've noticed a lot of new customers coming into our doors and an increase in sales since we started advertising with NV Media. We have never sold out of anything and this past Mother's Day, Jessica promoted our Mother's Day specials and we sold out of all our food before the end of the day.  We are extremely content with her abilities, her dedication to our business and the results she is getting us. Thank you Jessica!"

-Gloria Tafesh

Duke's Bar and Grill Riverside Owner



Duke's Bar and Grills

"I'm a very busy person and usually don't take the time to write testimonials, however I feel compelled to share my experience with NV Media and Jessica Qattawi.  I'm in sales and we all know there is a competitor that sells a similar service or product at a similar price.  Most business people are about the money first and everything else follows.  My first dealings with Jessica were on the phone.  She is tenacious to say the least.  I told her to lose my number and stop calling me.  So she showed up at my dealership.  I continue to do business with her for a couple reasons...1.  I know it's not all about the money for her.  I believe she is passionate about what she does for a living and truly wants to help my dealership move the needle.  2.  I know she will fight for my best interest.  It's a dog eat dog world and most companies don't really care about you.  I am confident that Jessica will fight for the best position for me and the the best price to give me the most bang for the buck.  I would highly recommend NV Media and Jessica Qattawi for any business with advertising need."

-Rich Vallas

Family RV General Manager